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Summer 2021 Jingmai White


Natural tea gardens from the upper slopes of Jingmai Mountain

Shade-dried in our factory over three days

A soothing white tea with medium oxidation and further aging potential

Sweet, fragrant and gentle


The Summer in Jingmai is marked by constant rain. The quality of the tea leaves drops, they grow thicker and build up less aromatic compounds than in Spring. During the rainy season, it is impossible to make good quality raw pu-erh. This is why we use alternative processing. Making white tea is a simple process and can really upgrade weak fresh leaves into a delicious beverage.

For this moonlight white the fresh leaves of our natural tea gardens were spread on flat bamboo baskets and left to dry in the shade of our factory for three days. The high humidity in the air during the rainy season makes it harder to get the leaves dry enough, this is why the leaves have to be spread very thinly and dried for such a long time. If this tea doesn't need a lot of work to make, it does require a lot of space in the factory, this is why we can only make a limited quantity each year.

Moonlight white will oxidize as it ages, just like Pu-erh tea, but quicker. The few months of storage and the pressing process have already given this tea a red character. It delivers incredibly good sweetness, considering it is summer material from relatively young gardens. The leaves are thick and were left intact during the processing, therefore, the tea is very long-brewing.

You can brew it gongfu style, in a mug, or even boil it in a pot! White tea is very forgivable to the tea brewer, this tea will, never feature much bitterness. If you brew it strong, it will just be thicker. The fragrance is woody and reminds of autumn leaves and a walk in the forest after the rain. The mouthfeel has a light texture and the tea doesn't have a strong effect on the body. This is the kind of tea you drink to relax and warm your body.