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2019 Jingmai Gushu Yellow Flakes

  • Ancient tea gardens of Jingmai Mountain
  • Yellow flakes sorted out of our Autumn and Spring harvests.
  • Pressed into 357g pu-erh tea cakes

Here are the Huangpian (aka yellow flakes) that we got during 2019. They appear throughout the pu-erh tea processing when somes leaves lose too much water, their structure and appearance changes.

They are sorted out of the mao cha before pressing the pu-erh tea cakes because they are considered unappealing and weaken the taste of tea. However, they are still very enjoyable on their own, you might actually prefer them over the proper pu-erh if you want a light session. They feature good sweetness and a different array of fragrances than pu-erh tea. You will notice a nutty side to the taste, it's because a lot of the leaves that dry out during the kill-green process also get mildly roasted at the same time. Very nice in a mug, and quite long brewing.