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Autumn 2019 Jingmai sun-dried black

  • Natural Tea Gardens from Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked in early September 2019
  • Processed in our tea factory
  • Loose leaf Yunnan sun-dried black tea


Each season, we like to make a few batches of black tea, just for fun. This is the first one of the autumn  2019 season. We gave it a medium oxidation by letting it rest overnight after the rolling. The cold temperatures of the night allows it to oxidize slowly, hence you can leave it for eight to ten hours. It was then sun-dried on the next day. We made about 5kg of this batch.

The tea doesn't have the fancy fragrance of oven-dried black teas, the sun-drying doesn't raise the fragrance but it keeps the sweetness of the tea intact. You get a good mouthfeel from this one, even some pleasant bitterness and a good kick. A good start for the day, or to end a session after a pu-erh marathon. It will not give up on you easily and you'll go through ten brews without having to push the brewing time too much.