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Autumn 2019 La Fu

  • Ancient tea trees, Lafu Village, Menglian County, Puer
  • October 2019 harvest
  • Hand-processed in the village
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

We visited this remote village in September and made a video about the trip. We found somewhat uncharted old tea trees outside the beaten path and decided to give it a shot.

Our contact in the village processed the tea, he is not used to processing pu-erh tea because the villagers usually sell the fresh leaves to large factories. We provided guidance by phone and he did a pretty good job for a first try. Don't expect a top notch processing, it has a smokey/ toasty taste. Yet this defect is surprisingly pleasant. The trees we saw there are really big, and that could explain the cleanliness this tea have, it goes down the throat with confidence and leaves a good feel in the body. No bitterness and low astringency, recommended if you like tea with body feel and don't mind a hint of peat. 

Take this one as a successful experiment, we'll improve the processing next season.