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Autumn 2021 Experiment Black #4

Autumn 2021 harvest

Sun-dried black tea

Jingmai natural tea gardens 1 bud/2 leaves

Overnight oxidation with leaves thinly laid on bamboo mats


This batch was made on day six of our black tea production run. We used tender 1 bud/2 leaves material from the natural tea gardens of Jingmai Mountain. The leaves were withered for 27 hours and rolled at 8 o'clock for one hour, with maximum pressure applied at the end of the rolling. Out of the rolling machine, the leaves were immediately thinly spread on flat bamboo baskets, oxidizing and shade-drying at the same time. The change in color, from green to brown, was noticeable over the course of hours. By the morning, the leaves were half-dried. A couple of hours of sun-drying finished the drying process.

The leaves feature a seducing animal and leathery fragrance. Notes of Indian spices can be enjoyed from the wet leaves. The tea has medium acidity and low astringency, a light mouthfeel, good aromatic complexity and a cooling mouthfeel.