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Spring 2007 Wuliang Shan

  • Ancient tea gardens of Yi Cang Village, Wuliang Mountain
  • Picked in Spring 2007
  • Processed in Yicang Wuhao tea factory
  • Pressed into 357g pu-erh tea cakes, aged in Puer City

This tea was aged in Puer city since its production, therefore, it has aged in semi-wet conditions and features complex notes of hay and tobacco. The bitterness is very pleasant, it coats the sides of the mouth and has a very special mouthfeel only found in semi-aged teas. The Huigan comes out after a few infusions and can be quite strong.

This cake is a proof Wuliang tea can age beautifully. It's not the boring kind, each brew feels unique and the tea has plenty to show.