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Spring 2015 She De

  • Blend of big trees from Xiao Hu Sai and Bingdao area tea, Mengku
  • 2015 early Spring harvest
  • Pressed by Hui Rui Lan Xin tea factory
  • 400g pu-erh tea cake

This cake is a blend of high quality material from two villages which feature contrating characters. The result is a good balance between mouthfeel and fragrance. A powerful tea which dellivers a bit of everything you like in Pu-erh: complex nose fragrance that has matured over three years of Kunming dry storage; short lived bitterness that vanishes into sweetness on the sides of the mouth; fast Huigan and that kind of bite that makes you want another cup. This tea will easily go beyond fifteen brews.

If Mengku needed an ambassador, we would happily write a cover letter for this cake.