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Spring 2016 Ming Run

  • Blend of old natural tea gardens from several mountains
  • Spring 2016 harvest
  • Blended and pressed by Yang Bin in Pu'er City
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

This blend was made by our friend Yang Bin, who presses our cakes. It has some Jingmai tea in it, whose straightforward character is balanced by the more restrained Jinggu terroir.

The tea has a very interesting texture, well balanced between the initial burst of flavor and the lingering depth. It has some bitterness and astringency, which fits well with the soup's medium thickness. The fragrance of this aging tea is complex and can be enjoyed from the nose to the back of the mouth.The Cha Qi and Huigan are of medium strength and develop slowly along the session.

It is a very brewable tea, complex but not overwhelming. It can be enjoyed on a casual session and you can even try it in a mug. Perfect for a quality daily drinker.