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Spring 2018 Jingmai Sun-dried Black

Traditional black tea with a bit of aging

Long oxidation, medium acidity

Made in our factory in Jingmai mountain

Aged in Pu'er City for two years


A robust everyday black tea


In Spring 2018, after an intense production run of Pu-erh tea, we decided to make a few batches of black tea, just for fun. We experimented with different oxidation times.

The lighter oxidation batches were ready to drink right away, but we found the heavier oxidation ones too strong with a high acidity. We decided to let them age in order for the acidity to tone down and a more complex aromatic palette to build up.

The tea is now ready. It has a complex spicy fragrance, a touch of pleasant acidity, low bitterness and astringency. It's a perfect energizing cup for a cold morning!

yunnan sun-dried black tea


Sun-dried black tea, also known as Shai Hong 晒红, is an alternative to the more common Yunnan Dian Hong which is oven-dried. Sun-dried black teas can be aged for a couple of years. You can have a look at the processing in this video: