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Spring 2019 Feng Shan

  • Old tea garden leaves from Bo Lin Village, Jinggu Mountain
  • Early Spring 2019 harvest
  • Processed by Fengbo tea workshop in Bo Lin Village, Feng Shan town.
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

Here is the second edition of our branded Jinggu cake. We used the same material as last year: old garden leaves from Bo Lin Village, from Feng Shan town. While the most famous areas are located around Xiao Jing Gu, this tea comes from a parallel valley located East.

This terroir produces a sweet and fragrant tea, you will get a pleasant mouthfeel with good thickness. Jinggu is often compared to Yiwu in terms of tasting profile, it is on the softer side of Pu-erh. A quality daily drinker that can keep you interested for a good number of brews, it also performs well brewed directly in a glass.