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Spring 2019 Sun-dried Black

  • Natural Tea Gardens from the top of Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked on March 25th 2019
  • Processed in our tea factory, experimental
  • Loose leaf Yunnan sun-dried black tea


We rarely make black tea. This year is the first time we used early Spring material to make such a tea. We used an alternative method for oxidation, only suitable for small scale production. We used 1 bud/2 leaves material from our natural tea gardens.

After a long withering and one hour of light rolling, we packed the leaves tightly in a wet cloth and left it for two hours in our greenhouse. Once the leaves turned a dark yellow, we laid the leaves on a bamboo mat for sun-drying.


The result is a low-oxidation black tea. Right after its production, the tea had a very thick soup, plenty of sweetness and a slight pleasant sourness. The fragrance had yet to develop. It's up to you to find how it has turned out after a bit of aging.

Sun-dried black tea changes a lot after its production. It will increase in complexity during the first year of aging and will keep its potency for at least three years.