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Spring 2021 Pasha small trees


Spring 2021, First Flush

Small trees of the ancient tea gardens

Balanced Menghai taste: medium short-lived bitterness, mouth-coating, powerful Huigan and Chaqi


Pasha is the forgotten mountain of Menghai area


pasha localization


When thinking about the famous mountains of Menghai, you'll probably have in mind Bulang Shan, Banzhang or Nannuo. But have you ever heard of Pasha?

It is a small mountain made of three villages, located between Nannuo and Lao  Banzhang. The inhabitants of this area are Hani.


pasha village in yunnan


Before the new road was built, the mountain was very difficult to access. Yet, Pasha has always fetched a high price, despite its lack of prestige. Why is it so? Because the producers would bring the tea to their relatives in Lao Banzhang, where it could be resold at an even higher price.

The ancient tea gardens are made of large tea trees, the average size of the trees is similar to Hekai or Lao Banzhang.


ancient tea tree in pasha


There is no good price for value in Menghai area, you get what you pay for. Pasha has a taste profile similar to Lao Banzhang tea, you could call it 'the Menghai taste'.

Medium short-lived bitterness, a liquor that tingles the gums, muffled fragrance that reminds of smoke and leather, a deep Huigan and a vibrant Chaqi. This is what you get in Pasha tea.


tea buds