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Our Values

Yunnan is a fantastic tea region, it offers a broad range of teas, from delicate White teas to powerful Pu-erh teas, we want to give precise and accurate information about their origin, production method and harvest season.

We think good tea should be accessible to most people. Therefore, we offer teas in a wide price range, but we ensure even our cheapest teas are leaves that we could drink every day with a smile on our face.

The tea farmers should make a good living out of their leaves. Maintaining tea gardens, picking, processing and sorting tea is hard work. The pleasure of a cup of tea should be rewarded fairly and we always make sure our deals with the people involved in tea production keep them motivated and committed to making superior quality.

We want our customers, employees and suppliers to be satisfied by what we offer. We want to be available and put our best efforts at the service of the tea amateurs and professionals worldwide.


 gaiwan filled with Pu-erh tea