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Shipping delays due to Covid

Since early 2021, the shipping has been heavily disrupted.

Most of our parcels are sent to North America and Europe. On our website, the cost of shipping is integrated into the price of each product, it works because we mostly use e-packets, a service from China post for small parcels, which charges by the gram, from 100g to 2kg. It costs us around $25 per kilo on average and varies for each country.

Before Covid, this service would deliver the parcels in one to two weeks to the West. But times have changed, you can expect delivery in six to eight weeks nowadays. It is a hassle but there is nothing we can do about it, e-packet remains the most economical option and the only viable one for our business at this time.


We understand these delays can cause frustration and even a certain degree of anxiety. It is natural for you to ask use what can be done, and every time we reply emails, we are confronted to the harsh reality: we cannot help you, your tea's fate is in the hands of the post office. Who is the post office? We don't know. We're given a tracking number, we don't get more information than you regarding the location of the parcel.

The local postman, friendly as he is, cannot give more information either, nobody knows where your parcel is, nor when it will be delivered. This is surely a reason to be angry and reject the system.

And yet, the magic happens. The orders are very rarely lost, I'd say only one in a thousand is. They are either on the way to you or being returned to us. About 5% of the parcels are returned, we collect them, print another post slip and send them again; we update the tracking number on our website and you receive an automated email with the new tracking number.

You might be worried because the parcel has been stuck in Guangzhou or Shanghai for over a month. This is very common. It occurred in about 10% of the parcels before the Covid crisis, and now happens for 80% of the shipments. Consider yourself lucky if you receive the parcel in less than a month.

We can't shorten the shipping delay, but we can make sure your tea arrives in a good shape after a lengthy stay in a warehouse. For this, we've improved our packaging.

We're happy to receive your feedback regarding the state of the parcel when it arrives, some can seem badly beaten but the cakes are sturdy. Feel free to send us an email. We can be quite slow to reply, we're working on improving that aspect of our service.

I hope your parcel will arrive soon!