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2004 Jingmai

Plantation tea from the upper slopes of Jingmai Mountain

Aged in Jingmai Mountain, pressed in 2015, semi-wet storage

Very pleasant aged fragrance and good Chaqi


Back in 2004, only a handful of tea factories were processing tea in Jingmai, most of the families would sell them their fresh leaves. We sourced this tea from the former mayor of Jingmai who operated such a factory.

At this time, the modern plantations were considered of superior quality compared to the ancient tea gardens. Their leaves fetched a higher price on the market. Ironically, the factories would blend small quantities of ancient garden leaves, cheaper then, to make an extra profit.

At the time, the plantations were not natural tea gardens, this conversion occurred around 2010. They were managed intensively and could be harvested every ten days, all year-round.

Just like most tea from this era, you will not enjoy it for the quality of its material, but for its aging. While most of the tea stored in Jingmai turned moldy due to improper storage conditions, the mayor had decent facilities at the time and the tea were preserved from bad mold. Yet, Jingmai remains a wet place and this certainly can be felt in the cup. You do get a Guangdong storage vibe, the tea is lively and shows a good balance between dry and wet storage characteristics.

For those who are sensitive to it, you get moderate aged tea feel on the body, it makes you feel relaxed and warmed up. We're happy to offer our first aged pick on the website.