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2011-2015 Wuliang Shan

  • Plantations and natural tea gardens from Lao Cang Village, Wuliang Mountain
  • Blend of leaves from 2011 to 2015
  • Collected from several tea farmers in Lao Cang Village
  • Pressed in 2017 into 357g pu-erh tea cakes, aged in Lao Cang Village

Our friend, Li Chen Zhong, runs a tea factory in Lao Cang Village and has a tea shop in Puer City. In 2017, he collected mao cha from different small tea farmers in his hometown and blended together.

The result is a rich mouthfeel and a dynamic range of flavours that deploy along the session. The material used is basic, so the Huigan is limited, however, the interest of this tea is in the fragrance and layered mouthfeel. The teas were stored by the farmers in Lao Cang village, in relatively dry conditions. This tea shows signs of aging while the tea soup is clean.

A very good daily drinker, which can stand over a dozen brews and delivers its sweetness and complexity all along.