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2010 Menghai Shu

  • Menghai plantation material
  • Harvested in 2010
  • Fermented in Menghai in 2010
  • Pressed into 357g in 2011, grade 1 on the surface of the cake, grade 3 on the inside.

 This ripe Pu-erh tea was blended and pressed by Yang Bing; who also presses our cakes. Yang Bing used to work in a large tea factory in Hekai, a tea mountain close to Menghai. He has expertise in fermentation and blending, and has recently started his own brand.

This cake uses menghai material as a basis, and was also fermented in menghai. The soup is clean, and several years of aging have given this tea a good harmony between fragrance and mouthfeel, as well as a noticeable mineral aspect.

You can notice the numerous buds on the surface of the cake, it's actually only a layer of high grade tea, the core of the cake is made of grade 3, which is coarser and not as good looking but gives more endurance to the tea. This technique of layering different grades of tea is used by the large tea factories in may of their cakes; it is less often seen in small pressings. This tea was stored in Menghai and Puer City, which share similar climates.

It is a very endurant Shu Cha, you'll easily get fifteen brews, and consistent complexity. It has a medium strength and a special mineral taste that makes you want to drink more. The fragrance shows signs of aging in a dry environment.