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2016 Ripe Yellow Flakes

  • Yellow flakes from Pu'er and Menghai area
  • Blended by Yun Jian Tea Company
  • Fermented in Pu'er in 2016
  • Pressed into 357g in 2018

This ripe Pu-erh tea is a blend of different years and area. It was fermented in Pu'er City.

The tea has a very pleasant fragrance that is the result of a medium-low fermentation. The soup holds well at the bottom of the mouth and feels a bit active on the gums. The fragrance reminds slightly of Chinese traditional medicine and has an earthy finish.

It is a well balanced tea with plenty of sweetness and a great endurance. Once the leaves are spent, they can be boiled for an extra round. Very good price for value.