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2018 Jingmai Ripe Pu-erh

  • Pure Jingmai material, mix of natural tea gardens and ancient tea gardens
  • Raw material sourced over the Spring, Summer and Autumn harvests of 2018
  • Fermented in Menghai
  • Ripe Pu-erh pressed into 357g cakes in July 2019

This ripe pu-erh is quite unusual. While most ripe pu-erh teas are blends from several mountains, this one is made of pure Jingmai material. It is made mostly of Spring and Autumn natural tea garden leaves but also contains some Summer ancient garden tea. It was fermented in Menghai in late 2018, we let the loose leaves age for half a year and pressed them in July 2019.

Ripe pu-erh tea goes through a fermentation step which gives random results depending on the weather and operations carried out during the piling process. This one had a rather light fermentation, which gives it potential for further aging. The 'taste of the pile' or Dui Wei, which is off-flavors that are present right after the fermentation, has almost completely vanished.

The tea features a complex fragrance and a silky texture, it can be brewed over ten times. We don't offer a large variety of ripe pu-erh on Farmerleaf because we are quite picky with this tea, most of them are boring but we find this one quite interesting and dynamic. The Jingmai character definitely comes out in the fragrance and mouthfeel.