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2022 Ailao Ripe Puerh

High altitude natural tea garden material from Ailao Mountain

Fermented in Menghai by Liu Yang


This ripe puerh offers a good complexity and dynamic changes as is opens up. All throughout the session, it delivers a complex fragrance, starting with clay and  evolving into plum and cherry. The mouthfeel gets stronger after a couple of brews.


Fermentation is on the high side, the liquor is dark. The leaves used come from older plantations growing above 2000m on Ailao Mountain, not far from the famous village of Qian Jia Zhai. You can definitely feel the raw material quality in this ripe puerh. The fermentation was done in Menghai, supervised by Liu Yang and his deep expertise on the topic. He used a medium-sized pile, about 500kg in a large basket. The fermentation is on the stronger side

The leaves deliver a dark full-bodied brew. Some Huigan can be felt over the session, which is rare in the ripe puerh tea world. A pleasant ripe puerh experience that will warm up you body and help you cope with the most punishing hangover.