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2022 Jinggu Ripe


Jinggu Teng Tiao material from young but tall trees

Fermented in Menghai in Winter 2022

High pitched fragrance, some minerality, feels lively


This has a highly fragrant opening and a good endurance. You will enjoy the creaminess of the soup and the overall balance between the nose and the mouth. It is a great daily drinker that you can enjoy gongfu or grandpa style.


The material comes from little Jinggu, where a special picking and pruning technique allows the trees to grow tall, with long branches. This is called ‘Teng Tiao' tea, it gives a lower yield but a more concentrated tea than the conventional technique. The tea trees used are not very old, you can classify it as natural tea garden material. 3200kg of material was piled in Menghai for a heavy fermentation during the Winter.


Jinggu is located in North of Pu'er city, between Wuliang Mountain and Lincang.