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Autumn 2019 Jingmai Sun-dried Black

Autumn 2019 natural tea garden leaves

Sun-dried black tea made in our factory in Jingmai, aged in Pu'er City

A pleasant surprise back from the purgatory



Making black tea has been hit and miss for us, when a tea is not good right after its production, we put it aside and forget it. While browsing through our tea stock, we came across this batch from Autumn 2019. It seems time has served its purpose on this one. We didn't sell it back then because it was too sour and lacked complexity.

After re-tasting it, we immediately fell in love; so much that it often finds its way to our gaiwan. Would black tea be akin to fine wine, in which acidity is a good indicator of aging potential?

After two years of dry aging, this black tea has developed a refined bouquet and the acidity has toned down, it brings an extra dimension to the tea and is well balanced with the lingering sweetness. This tea has a good story to tell, from smelling the cup to the lingering effect after the session. It is highly recommended to brew it Gongfu style to enjoy its complexity.