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Autumn 2021 Experimental Black #3

Autumn 2021 harvest

Sun-dried black tea

Jingmai natural tea gardens 1 bud/2 leaves

Sun-withering, 3 hour thin-pile oxidation, completely dried over the next day


This batch was made on day five of our black tea production run. We used tender 1 bud/2 leaves material from the natural tea gardens of Jingmai Mountain. The fresh leaves were thinly laid on flat bamboo baskets for a night. After 12 hours of withering, the leaves were laid outside, exposed to the rising Sun for 30 minutes, in order to soften them furthermore. They were then rolled tightly over one hour and laid on a single flat bamboo basket (5cm thickness) for 3 hours. Finally, they were sun-dried from noon to the next day. Despite the incomplete drying of the leaves on the first day due to cloudy weather, the leaves don't look over-oxidized. 

This tea has a broad and powerful opening fragrance, especially present when smelling the wet leaves. You'll find good complexity in the nose, a medium acidity and medium astringency. It is an aggressive tea which will deliver a potent mouthfeel.