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Autumn 2021 Pasha big trees


Autumn 2021 raw Pu-erh, big trees from the ancient tea gardens

Light bitterness, medium sweetness, active mouthfeel, strong Cha Qi and Huigan

Classic Menghai taste, between Nannuo and Banzhang


Pasha is a village located South-East of Menghai. While not particularly close to Lao Banzhang, the most prestigious village in Menghai, it lies at the same altitude (1800m) and shares similar looking leaves.


pasha localization


While not as famous as Lao Man E or Naka, Pasha produces tea that is very close in character to Lao Banzhang. This is why we decided to pay a visit in Autumn. Unfortunately, it was raining and we couldn't visit the tea gardens.

The area was secluded for a long time and only opened up as the pu-erh tea market expanded. The area now commands prices on par with Lao Man E or even higher!


ancient tea tree in pasha


As far as autumn tea goes this one is pricey,  but it doesn't disappoint. Early in the session, the Cha Qi and Huigan kick in, all the while sweetness seize your gums. This is not a tea to buy for fragrance, it's all about mouth, throat and body feel.