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Autumn 2022 Jingmai Aiban Maocha

Fresh loose leaf tea from the farm

Aiban ancient tea garden material, Jingmai Mountain

Processed in our factory on September 30th 2022

Experience a great tea from its cradle, it's as young as you can get


We're in the middle of the Autumn 2022 harvest in Jingmai. Here is a sample of what is to come. So far, it's been a good season for quality, the terroirs of Jingmai come out lively and vibrant. We give a 20-25 minutes-long kill green to make sure the leaves and stems are cooked.

Straight out of our factory, this is how to the tea is, there is a good amount of yellow flakes in this one, which is typical for autumn tea. Once the harvest is over, we have the yellow flakes sorted by a big machine. The maocha is then packed into boxes and sent to Pu'er City to be pressed into cakes.

This is a mid-harvest sample, produced while the rain was scarce and the weather was still warm. The weather changes a lot over the Autumn, as the rainy season comes to an end and the winter cold falls on Yunnan.


This tea will be available until we press the cakes.