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Autumn 2022 Jingmai Black

1 bud/3 leaves high altitude natural tea gardens

Jingmai Mountain, made in our factory

A soothing tea with good aromatic complexity and plenty of sweetness


This is our main production of black tea in autumn 2022, we produced 20kg of this batch. After a couple of trials, we opted for a 30 hour withering, 1 hour rolling with medium pressure, overnight oxidation in small batches (to make sure the pile does not heat up too much), and sun-drying as the sun rises.

This result is a medium-heavy oxidation, which allows the aromas to develop, reducing sourness and bitterness, and yet preserving the lively character of the raw material. The liquor feels playful in the mouth, and well-layered. Beyond the interesting mix of barnyard and fruits you get in the nose, you'll be pleased by a frothy soup, with enough bitterness and astringency to tickle your gums, and leaving behind a trial of sweetness.


A good morning brew, which can be enjoyed grandpa-style, or in a gongfu brewing, especially comforting after a raw puerh marathon.