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Autumn Najiao Ripe Micro-batch

Spring 2020 Najiao old trees

Fermented by Mr Shi in September 2020

8kg batch

Fine fragrance, light mouthfeel, soft texture


We've offered a couple of micro-batches fermented by Mr Shi before. He is a retired engineering professor and dedicated his time to the fermentation of Pu-erh tea. This ripe Pu-erh was fermented for 20 days under controlled temperature and humidity, a method different from the traditional one that consists in piling huge amount of leaves and letting them generate their own heat.

Since we've explored the Mengku region recently, it was relevant to see how this material would turn out after a fermentation step. Luckily, Mr Shi had just fermented two batches from Na Jiao, a village located on the Eastern Mountain of Mengku, right next to Ba Nuo village.


na jiao localization


He used identical parameters for the fermentation of two teas, made by the same producer, one from Spring, the other from Autumn.


This is the Autumn version, the leaves have a lighter color than its Spring counterpart despite using the same parameters for fermentation. The soup has a lighter texture than the Spring version, the fragrance is more lively. The difference in tasting profile is very interesting and calls for a side by side brewing.



ripe pu-erh from najiao