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Fruity Ailao High Mountain Oolong

Spring 2020, Qing Xin varietal grown at 2500m and above.

Good balance between fragrance and mouthfeel

Certified organic


This tea comes from Ailao Mountain the middle of Yunnan. In 1994, Mr Huang, a taiwanese native, established oolong tea plantations, inside Ailao Mountain Nature Reserve. The plantations are managed organically and have been certified since their creation. Due to the high altitude, the leaves grow very slowly and have time to accumulate a lot of polyphenols.


oolong tea in cup


The leaves harvested are a mix of 1 bud/2 leaves and 1 bud/3 leaves. Processed in the taiwanese high mountain oolong style, this tea was allowed to oxidize partially and brews a golden yellow soup. You get a good balance of fragrance and mouthfeel. The fragrance leans on the fruity and herbaceous side. It has a comforting Qi and even a glimpse of Huigan. It has more endurance than average for this type of tea.


oolong tea leaves


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