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Gu Xing You Collection Teapot #12

  • Made in Gu Xing You's workshop, Wan Yao village, Jianshui Town, Yunnan
  • Unique piece, only one available!
  • Empty weight: 207g
  • Max volume: 194 ml

This teapot was made in Gu Xing You's workshop. His family has been making ceramics for several generations in the village of Wan Yao, close to Jianshui Town. In his small workshop, he creates unique pieces based on traditional designs. The pots are made on a potter's wheel, decorated by local artists and fired in a small kiln.

The clay used is a blend of different soils found in the region. This clay is denser than the clay used in Yixing. The teapots feel heavier and more robust than what you're used to.

The inside of the pots are not coated, therefore, the teapot will absorb tea and will, over the months and years, take a pleasant shine as it takes in the tannins. The use of this clay for brewing tea gives a slight decrease in fragrance and an more coating mouthfeel. It is recommended to dedicate your teapot to a single family of tea.


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