Jianshui Teapot Autumn 2019 Collection #4

Jianshui is a teaware producing city located in the South East of Yunnan. It is renowned for its dark ceramics, made of a blend of five different locally sourced clays. Unlike Yixing, Jianshui only started to produce teaware recently. The craftsmanship for fine teapots have developed along the Puerh tea boom, since the mid-2000s. The calligraphy and paintings you can see are not drawings on the surface but colored clay inserted into carved spaces.

This Autumn 2019 collection was composed by Yubai from several potters based in Jianshui.



Weight: 137g

Volume: 100ml

Writings: 静心禅悟 Jing Xin Chan Wu Ease your mind and find the truth through mediation