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Jingmai Shengtai

Spring 2022 Pu-erh tea in loose leaf form

From our natural tea garden 'Liu Dui', on the top of Jingmai Mountain

Hand-processed in our factory

Balanced and refreshing

Stay hydrated and energized

This tea comes from a garden dear to our heart. Located near the Da Ping Zhang plateau, we bought it in 2014. It's been managed by our family since then, we like to let a good amount of shade trees grow there.


natural tea garden in jingmai

 The trees are about 30 years old and have given consistently good leaves. They are located close to the highest point in Jingmai.

Most farmers in Jingmai process the 'shengtai' (tea from the natural tea gardens) by machine. Since it is cheaper than the 'gushu' (tea from the ancient tea gardens), efficiency prevails over traditions.

We don't adhere to this philosophy and aim at producing the best final product, regardless of the raw material quality. Here are reflections on this subject:


This tea, while not as deep an experience as gushu material, is a refreshing pick for a casual setting. It is mildly entertaining and won't require too much of your attention while doing its duty: satisfying the thirst of an avid pu-erh drinker.


When brewed gongfu style, you'll get a flowery opening, a decent mouthfeel, light bitterness and medium astringency.The endurance is average, you can expect eight good brews.

If you're more hardcore and want to experience the farmer style drinking, try it in a mug.