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2014/2009 Jingmai Shu

  • Jingmai natural tea gardens and Bulang Shan plantation blend
  • Respectively autumn 2014 and spring 2009
  • Fermented separately in Menghai, stored in Puer city. 
  • Middle-grade fermented Pu-erh pressed into 357g cakes in 2016

Explore an entirely different world with this ripe Pu-erh tea (a.k.a. Shu Cha). As opposed to raw Pu-erh (Sheng Cha), this tea was artificially "aged" through a fermentation process. This results in a much darker tea soup than raw Pu-erh and can be considered as a different tea family. 

This tea is made of autumn 2014 natural tea garden material from Jingmai mountain complemented by spring 2009 leaves from Bulang Shan for more punch. We had them pressed in fall 2016.

The resulting brew is quite aggressive, as far as ripe Pu-erh goes. Some medicinal bitterness can be felt through the session. It is not one of those fragrant and delicate ones, here, the soup is ultra thick and will coat your mouth throughout the session, just like a good old Irish stout!

This is an ideal tea to keep you warm during the long winter of the Northern countries. In Gongfu style, it will sustain at least twelve infusions; in a mug, you can brew it three or four times. A very robust Shu Pu-erh.