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Jingmai Single Trees ‘Nuo Gu Wan' Garden

Spring 2020, Big trees from our ancient tea garden

Intense Hui Gan and Cha Qi

Premium Jingmai experience!


Last Spring, we made a couple of single tree batches. This one is the result of a day of picking in our family garden located on Da Ping Zhang. Nuo Gu Wan is the Dai name for this garden. It lies on a tiny hill on the plateau and grows under heavy forest cover.


nuo gu wan ancient garden location


This garden has a very low yield but a great taste. We asked our family to pick the largest tea trees of the garden separately and processed them as a unique batch. Only 5kg of dry tea was made.



puerh tea brewing with foam


It is processed on the green side, you'll get complex fragrance in retro-olfaction. But of course, the main selling point of this tea is the intense Huigan, oily texture and calming Qi you'll feel after a few cups. Not for everyday session and casual drinking, you can keep it for a special occasion and give it an hour of your time, you won't be disappointed.



puerh tea soup