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Jingmai sun-dried Black

Spring 2019 sun-dried black tea

Made in our factory with Jingmai natural garden material

A tea you will enjoy for its comforting mouthfeel and longlasting presence


At the end of the Spring 2019 season, we made a couple of black teas. We sold some of them straight away and decided to store others for further improvement. This batch is now ready to be enjoyed. The fragrance is muffled in the nose and is properly revealed through retro-olfaction. This is a black tea pu-erh tea enthusiasts will enjoy because it features a pleasant mouthfeel and has some pu-erh like bite. It stands the brews well and you'll find yourself enjoying long steeps at the end of the session. Gongfu is recommended, you can also brew it in a mug.


jingmai black tea