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Jingmai Yellow Flakes


A true worker's pu-erh tea, economical and reliable, phd students might enjoy it as well.


This is a blend of all our yellow flakes from Spring and Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021, both from the ancient tea gardens and our plantations, at a rough 50:50 ratio.

Yellow flakes are tea leaves which were too mature when picked and take a distinctive aspect through the processing. They become apparent once the tea is try. They are typically sorted out of the tea because of their different look, they also taste different from typical leaves. They tend to brew out sweet and gentle, without much bitterness and punch.

They are perfect for office brewing, busy taxi drivers and farmers after a long day of work. Hard to overbrew and very endurant, they will carry you through half a day. You won't find the complexity and mouthfeel of standard pu-erh tea, but they make a robust daily beverage at a great price for value.