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Lü Xi Liang 2021 Black Collection #12

This collection comes from the workshop of Lü Xi Liang (吕锡良), located in Jingdezhen. He learned his trade at Xi An university in Shaanxi province, and sources clay from this province to make his wares.


Jingdezhen is the hub of china's porcelain making, he set up shop in this city for commercial reasons, but the artistic inspiration of his ware come from Shaanxi province. Unlike many workshops in Jingdezhen, Mr Lü works himself on the whole process: rolling the clay, shaping the gaiwans and cups on the wheel, hand painting with a brush or a sprayer, glazing, and finally wood firing. Doing all the work himself allows him to better accomplish his artistic vision.

The outside color is intense, the inside of the teaware has a cream white color with brown patterns running through it. Each piece have a unique texture, more or less coarse depending on the amount of glaze applied. The cups and gaiwans feel heavy in the hand with good grip. They handle very well during a gongfu session. Since we got these wares, we almost exclusively use them for our own sessions.

Each piece of the collection is unique.