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New Pu-erh Tea Code by Yang Zhong Yue

  • Language: Chinese Simplified
  • Author: Yang Zhong Yue
  • Editor: Yunnan Science and Technology Press
  • Released in 2011
  • 212 pages
  • ISBN: 9787541645204

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A great guide to Pu-erh tea, it will teach the basics to beginners and will put forward interesting insights for more advanced enthusiasts. Yang Zhong Yue started studying tea in 1995, this is his second book, whose about 30 000 copies were sold in China.

The first half of the book explores the general concepts and fields of study related to Pu-erh tea, from agricultural practices and varietals to aging and storage methods. The second half describes 51 tea mountains of Yunnan, with lots of pictures and an evaluation of a maocha from each mountain. The book is written in a straightforward manner, with an emphasis on objective data and rational explanation.


Table of contents:

  1. Important definitions explained
  2. Pu-erh tea history and Pu-erh tea in History
  3. Explanations on Pu-erh tea aging and the concept of "the older the more fragrant"
  4. The Qi of Pu-erh tea
  5. The underlying factors of tea quality
  6. Why collect Pu-erh tea?
  7. Evaluating Pu-erh tea
  8. The different kinds of Pu-erh teas
  9. Evaluating some ancient tea mountains of Yunnan