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Spring 2014 Pa Sai

After Jingmai and Bangwei, Pa Sai is the third ancient tea mountain of Lancang county. It's one of those places we don't hear about, but which actually produce a lot of tea, 40 tons per year on average. Its very remote location is probably what kept it under the radar of the pu-erh frenzy, the tea made there can be very decent if processed properly.

As of all the cakes produced by Mr Yang, this pu-erh tea was stored in a restricted air environment, wrapped in a thick plastic sheet. This has an influence on aging, by slowing down slightly the aging process and, more importantly, retaining the original tea fragrance.

This tea has a strong fruity flavor, reminding of ripe peach. It has a light mouthfeel, yet still features a pleasant viscosity. The Huigan and mouthfeel complete the fragrance well, making this tea feel very balanced. Cha Qi is also quite good in this tea.