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Spring 2015 Da Sun Shan

Da Sun Shan is located in Zhenyuan county, North of Jinggu and East of Bangdong. It is a small tea mountain, with only about 30 hectares of ancient tea gardens that have been cultivated for 200-300 years. The high altitude of 2100m makes tea grow very slowly, which is good for quality, cold temperatures is also the best barrier against pest and disease, which makes organic farming easier.

Since 2015, this tea was stored in puer city, with no airflow allowed. This aging technique allows to preserve the fragrance of tea because the original fragrance of the tea is not carried away by the air flow. The climate of Puer city is an intermediate between tropical and temperate climate, which allows for a reasonably fast aging, without having the characteristic funk of more humid places such as Guangzhou or Xishuangbanna.

The specific storage conditions are obvious from the first brew. Despite being made in 2015, it features a powerful honey-like fragrance that sits firmly in the tea soup. You can feel the fragrance spreading through the mouth and linger during the whole session. This kind of behavior is characteristic of a somewhat red processing.

Beyond the fragrance, sweetness holds well on the taste buds, bitterness is low and astringency is moderate. Unlike Jingmai old--growth tea, this one does not feel particularly oily, it has another kind of thickness which could be defined as more watery.

This tea goes easy on the stomach and you will enjoy it mostly for the fragrance and sweetness.