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Spring 2017 Wuliang Shan

  • Ancient tea gardens of Yi Cang Village Wuliang Mountain, small and big trees picked together
  • Picked from late March to late-April 2017
  • Processed in Yicang Wuhao tea factory
  • Pressed into 200g pu-erh tea cakes

Wuliang Mountain is a huge tea producting area, right in the middle of Yunnan. Its Ancient tea gardens are numerous but scattered and remote. This region enjoys particularly low prices, the most affordable teas from ancient tea gardens can be found there. The consequence is that tea farmers seldom process the tea themselves, they usually sell the fresh leaves to medium sized factories which distribute them in the wholesale tea markets of Yunnan.

Even though Wuliang Shan has a lot of ancient tea gardens, it seems this region is looked down upon by the chinese tea enthusiasts. Yet, it offers sweet teas with complex fragrance, due to the high altitude of the area.

This Pu-erh tea has a sweet soup and no bitterness. It will please the green tea enthusiasts because its fragrance is rich and floral and will be sustained through many infusions. It will go easy on your stomach is makes a perfect daily-drinker.