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Spring 2017 Wuliang Sun-Dried Black

  • Ancient tea gardens of Lao Cang Village Wuliang Mountain, small and big trees picked together
  • Picked from mid-April to May 2017
  • Processed in Yicang Wuhao tea factory; sun-dried; medium oxidation
  • Loose leaf black tea

This tea was processed by Li Chen Zhong's father who's got a pretty good knowledge of black tea processing.

After picking, the tea was rolled, piled for a couple of hours to let the leaves oxidize and finally sun-dried.

The oxidation step was kept short in order in order to let the tea partially oxidized. It will continue to oxidize slowly along the years.

As of March 2017, after nine months of aging, the tea features a complex opening fragrance that's due to the naturally high aroma leaves that grow in Wuliang area and the partial oxidation that reveals a good mix of flowers and fruits.

Just like Pu-erh teas, sun-dried black teas are particularly enjoyed for their mouthfeel. Here, we have a very pleasant mix of bitterness and sourness that bursts on the tongue and vanishes after a few seconds. Sweetness builds up in the sides and back of the mouth as the session goes; supported by a lingering fragrance that comes back from the throat. It's a very long-brewing tea, you should be able to get ten enjoyable steepings from it.