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Spring 2018 Jingmai Gulan

  • Ancient Tea Garden leaves from Da Ping Zhang Garden, Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked from mid-March to mid-April 2018, first and second flush
  • Hand-processed in our tea factory
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

This new edition of our flagship cake is a blend of several ancient tea gardens located on the main plateau at the top of Jingmai Mountain.We sourced teas from our own tea gardens as well as family relatives', we waited until the end of the tea making run to taste each of the batches and blend them to make our final products.

The plateau has an average altitude of 1600m and is covered by a large semi-opened forest. Tall trees give shade to the tea trees. The soil is sandy, improper for cereal or vegetable cultivation, tea gardens were established several centuries ago in that location, some sources mention tea production and trade as early as the 9th Century. Since the terrain is relatively flat, a thick layer of autumn leaves accumulates on the ground. In the most shaded parts, the soil is dark and smells very good, a sign of a high concentration of organic matter, which binds the few clay available and greatly improves the water and nutrient retention capability of the soil.

The tea has a medium bitterness which disappear quickly and brings plenty of lingering sweetness. The orchid fragrance, typical of Jingmai tea, is easily noticeable. The soup is full-bodied and oily. The Huigan comes early in the session and stays in your throat for a long time. It can be brewed for ten to twenty strong infusions.