Spring 2018 Sun-Dried Black -- Long Oxidation

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  • Natural Tea Gardens from the top of Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked on April 10th, third flush
  • Processed in our tea factory, experimental
  • Loose leaf Yunnan sun-dried black tea

Type: Black tea


This tea is an experimental batch part our of research in black tea processing. We collected the fresh leaves at lunch time and spread them on bamboo mats in very thin layers. Late in the evening, we gave the leaves one hour of rolling and piled them in a covered basket. We let them oxidize overnight and put them to drying in the morning. This gave the tea about eleven hours of oxidation under the relatively cold night. When we opened the pile, the inside of it was warm due to the high enzymatic activity, while the outer layers of leaves were almost at room temperature.


The leaves are not homogeneously oxidized, some of them are still green. The tea has a thick mouthfeel and a slight acidity. While not highly aromatic, it features good complexity in the mouth and will please the Pu-erh drinker's palate.

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