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Spring 2019 Ao Ne Me

  • Ancient tea trees of Ao Ne Me Village, Ai Lao Shan, Yunnan
  • Picked in April 2019, first flush
  • Hand-processed by Wang Qing Cong
  • Available in 357g pu-erh tea cakes

This is our second edition of this Ailao Shan cake. Located in some of the northernmost pu-erh tea producing areas in Yunnan, this tea grew at high altitude on big trees. The area is not famous but the tea is excellent. The lack of reputation may be due to the remoteness of the place.

We met Wang Qing Cong, the producer of this tea, while he was taking a trip on Jingmai to perfect his processing skills and learn more about tea.

It delivers a fairly complex high pitched fragrance in the opening, supported by a decent mouthfeel. But what will amaze you is the Cha Qi that will creep on you after a couple of brews and leaves you with sweating, a powerful Huigan and a great aftertaste. A tea that will strike your body well beyond its price point.