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Spring 2019 Jingmai Miyun

  • Natural tea garden leaves from the top of Jingmai Mountain
  • Picked from early-March to early-April 2019
  • Hand-processed in our tea factory
  • Available in 100g pu-erh tea cakes

We've been producing the Jingmai Miyun since 2016. This is a blend from several high-altitude natural tea gardens located West of Da Ping Zhang plateau near our village.

The tea gardens were established about 40 years ago. They started out as intensive plantations and were converted into natural tea gardens around 2010. This conversion implied stopping the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, reducing the plantation density, planting shade trees and letting the tea trees grow in size.

While such teas are typically cooked in a machine, we prefer to use a wok and do the job by hand. This offers more control and a richer tasting profile but takes much longer to make.

You will find in this tea a typical Jingmai profile with honey fragrance, some bitterness, a medium body and a pleasant aftertaste. This tea is quite astringent, a common characteristic of the Jingmai terroir.

Due to the low yield we had in Spring 2019, we only managed to make 80kg of this tea.