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Spring 2020 Five Gushu Cakes Pack | DHL Shipping

  • Spring 2020 fresh Pu-erh tea
  • Ancient tea garden leaves
  • 5 x 357g cakes
  • Shipped with Hong Kong DHL, 2 weeks delivery worldwide

Tea enthusiasts all over the world have had a hard time getting their precious leaves lately. This is due to the lack of passenger flights on which the standard EMS service ships the parcels. As a consequence we haven't released our new Spring 2020 cakes formally, we don't want the tea to be stuck for a long time in a shipping wharf.

We have a solution for you, we will ship the tea via Hong Kong using DHL as a courier. They have their own cargo planes and can still operate despite the current crisis. The expected delivery time is two weeks after the shipping. This is currently the only way for your to have fresh pu-erh tea on your tea table.

We plan to release the cakes with our regular service when passenger flights will resume, the timing is uncertain, this could be in two weeks or in two months, depending on how the situation unfolds.


DHL shipping is very costly, this is why we only offer it for our premium cakes. This tight parcel is filled with five of our best cakes this year:

  • Spring 2020 Jingmai Gulan $188
  • Spring 2020 Lao Man E Gushu(Sweet tea) $314
  • Spring 2020 Ao Ne Me Gushu $107
  • Spring 2020 Nannuo Gushu $135
  • Spring 2020 Lafu Gushu $85

Total value: $829

Your price: $780 DHL shipping included

Considering the higher shipping costs, this represents a 15% discount overall.

As usual, we guarantee all these teas are of high quality,the pack features a variety of  tasting profiles. Renowned terroirs such as Jingmai, Nannuo and Lao Man E, and great price for values with Lafu and Ao Ne Me. Spring 2020 was an excellent season, we had few rains, the tea grew slowly and in scarce quantity, which gives overall stronger characters and brings out the personality of each mountain.

We promise you will get a rich sensory travel with these five cakes, 250 brews, and a quarter metric ton worth of complex tea soup.

We will not be able to include other cakes or samples with this order, please only order this item, it is possible to order several packs, they will be shipped separately.