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Spring 2020 Jingmai Ai Ban

A special Gushu batch from our favorite garden in Jingmai.

Intense savory mouthfeel and deep huigan


Every Spring season, we're busy making tea in Jingmai Mountain. We pressed most of our ancient garden productions into the Jingmai Gulan cake. We also keep a few batches from our favorite gardens in loose leaf form.

Ai Ban is located on the South-Eastern slope of Da Ping Zhang, it is cultivated by one of our uncles and grows leaves of consistently high quality.


ai ban tea garden


This tea has an amazing mouthfeel, a mix of minerality and flowery freshness that makes it distinct from other tea gardens in Jingmai. On top of this special mouthfeel, you'll get a deep and lingering sweetness in the throat and a complex fragrance.


Make sure you have time when brewing this tea, it will keep you entertained for many brews.


ai ban pu-erh tea in gaiwan