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Spring 2020 Lao Wu Shan

Spring 2020 old tea gardens of Lao Wu Shan, Zhenyuan

Best price for value if you like the 'Gushu' feel


This tea has a great mouthfeel and will give you a pleasant buzz. You get a good feel of the gushu material and it holds for up to ten brews. The fragrance is decent but nothing fancy, it's really a tea that you'll enjoy for the feel in the mouth, throat and body.

An interesting area to explore, out of the beaten path.


zhenyuan pu-erh tea leaves

Zhenyuan is one of those tea mountains we rarely hear about. Laying between Jinggu in the West and the Wuliang Shan range in the North, Zhenyuan has yet to build itself a name.

Nonetheless, it does host a fair amount of old tea gardens, some which are famous on their own: Qian Jia Zhai, Ma Deng and Da Sun Shan among others.

lao wu shan map