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Spring 2021 Jingmai Moonlight

Best tea for a cold or a hangover. Very soothing.


We made a few batches of moonlight white at the end of our spring 2021 production run. We let the second flush of our natural tea gardens dry on flat bamboo baskets for two days instead of one. We laid the leaves in a thicker layer than usual so as to allow more oxidation to occur before the leaf dries out.

It features a complex fragrance and a comforting mouthfeel, just like a very soft version of black tea. You can forget it in the pot and drink it the next day or put it in a thermos bottle, it won't get bitter. Very suitable for grandpa-style brewing as well as Gongfu.

White tea ages faster than Pu-erh tea due to the absence of kill-green. All the enzymes are intact and working with the residual water present in the cake. Such a cake will be fully aged within five years.