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Spring 2022 Yingpan Shan Black

Sweet and fragrant, pleasant nutty aroma, easy-going

Spring 2022, 1 bud/ 2 leaves, medium oxidation

The best price for value for Yunnan blacks.


This tea is the perfect black daily-drinker. It has a good fragrance. The leaves were dried with hot air at moderate temperature. During this process, the aroma was enhanced, you'll surely enjoy the fragrance, which reminds of baked bread, nuts and chocolate. On a second sip, you'll notice the sweetness and a decent amount of comfort in the throat.

yunnan classic black tea

There is nothing fancy in this tea, it is a solid classic Yunnan Black that will carry you through the day, wherever you go, whatever you do. You can brew it in a thermos bottle in your car, in a mug at the office, and Gongfu style on the weekends. It is reliable and enjoyable to both beginners and more seasoned drinkers.

yunnan dianhong

Yingpan Shan, a place for bargain teas


Located 20km away from Pu'er City, Yingpan Shan produces a massive amount of tea, despite being totally unknown outside the county. This is a place where tea cannot be sold for its story, so the producers have to work even harder than in famous areas to extract the best from their leaves. The ones who produce an average tea can only compete on price, while more skilled artisans can obtain a small premium for making good tea. This is the case of Li Chao Yuan.
yingpan shan area
We've worked with him for five years. He is our black tea expert in the region. He can really turn iron into gold. The material available in the area is decent, but nothing exceptional. Something worthy of note though, the farmers in the area have been prohibited from spraying pesticides since 2016. This is part of a large scale strategy in Yunnan to make the tea economy more environmentally friendly. Yingpan Shan is in a transition phase and should receive an organic certification in a couple of years.
tea gardens in yunnan

Li Chao Yuan can offer tea at such low cost because the fresh leaves are cheap and his factory is well optimised. He can make up to 30 tons a year in a very small space. He sells on the mass-market and makes higher end productions we like to buy. Sourced from better plantations and processed with all his expertise.


Here is a brief presentation of Yingpan Shan and Mr Li's factory: